Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vidalia, Louisiana, flood of 2011

During previous visits to Natchez, Mississippi, we have stayed in the Riverview RV Park and Resort which is located outside the levee along the Mississippi River at Vidalia, Louisiana -- across the River from Natchez, MS.  Today, May 15, the RV park is closed and most of the campsites are under water.  But the crest of this year's flood is not predicted to arrive for another week or ten days!  Obviously, we had to look for a different place to stay this year.

In addition to the RV park, much of the rest of the Vidalia  LA Riverfront area is also under water.

The Vidalia Conference and Convention Center is still dry -- only because it is protected by "instant levees" which are still holding the flood waters back.  The "instant levees" are sand-filled convas containers supported by wire frames to hold them upright.

The Comfort Suites is also protected by "instant levees" but they are totally surrounded by flood waters.

More flooding on the Vidalia Riverfront.
All of these photos were taken from the Natchez MS side of the river -- on a bluff some 200 feet above the Mississippi River.