Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day with Mother Earth

Both of our mothers are no longer with us in this life and we are a long distance from both of our children.  So we decided to spend this Mother's Day with our Dear Mother Earth.  We drove out to Lake Livingston State Park, about 10 miles from town and spent the morning hiking and enjoying the beauties of the pine and hardwood forest surrounding the lake. 
There were other folks who were celebrationg Mother's Day with Mother Earth, too.  Some were fishing, some picnicking, some hiking or camping, and some boating.
There were even some non-human folks who were out celebrating and sunning!

A big turtle,

a pair of ducks,

an enormous snake,
contemplating the memory of their dear departed mothers, no doubt!

So, to all of you who are mothers, and all of you who have -- or have had -- mothers,