Friday, May 6, 2011

Home, Sweet Support System

Escapees National headquarters, Livingston TX

"REST AREA, no facilities"
says the sign over this  swing
 Like wandering children, we've finally come "home" to our permanent and legal address: Escapees National headquarters south of Livingston TX. We get here for only a few days every couple of years but we are grateful for the support services the organization gives us to make our RVing life safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable. They faithfully dispatch our mail to us wherever we may roam. They also provide us with important RVing safety tips, and an inexpensive place to "hang out" whenever we're in the area. The CareCenter located within this park gives us the security of knowing that if health problems requiring lengthy recuperation should arise when we are 'on the road' there is a place where that assistance is available.  Like the sign over our neighbor's lawn swing, it is like a "Rest Area" for us, but does include facilities!                           See ya' on down the road.