Saturday, June 23, 2012

Celestial Characters

My in-house computer guru said,
"Our calendar lives in the clouds."
We can view it on phone or laptop,
But it exists above earthly crowds.

 I’ve heard of those who live in the clouds,
Like angels, and saints, and God.
But computer characters seem out of place
With such heavenly hosts. How odd!

But maybe the calendar’s been sanctified,
Or been "raptured" from earth to sky!
Will it still be there when I arrive,
Sometime in the sweet by-and-by?

Or perhaps it’s been re-incarnated
To a higher form of life;
Now a genie, free from confinement
In electronic serfdom and strife.

I don’t know. A calendar based in the sky.
Just doesn’t compute in my cup!
For if it were, it seems to me,
That we’d really be living it up!

So, this computer calendar "in the clouds"
Is a mystery that boggles my head.
But that calendar keeps steadily changing,
So I’m sure that it’s not yet dead!