Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daily Walk

Aspens and Ants,
Birches and Butterflies,
Cedars and Cardinals,
 Ducks and Day Lilies,
 Forget-Me-Nots and Ferns,
Grasses and Goldfinches,
Honeysuckle and Humming Birds,
Larkspur and Lady's Slippers,
Mushrooms and Meadow Larks,
Nodding Daisies and Nosy Rabbits,
Open Fields and Orange Poppies,
Petunias and Poplars,
Quail and Quick Running Deer,
Rabbits and Raspberries,
Sea Gulls and Sunflowers,
Thistles and Toads,
Vultures and Vines,
Wild Flowers and Woodpeckers,
X-ings for Bicycles and Horses,
Yellow Dandelions and Sunshine,
Zzzzz-ing of Bees gathering nectar.
We walk through an alphabet soup of beauty.
Will we turn off our minds
and open our eyes and spirits
to see it?