Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Door County, Wisconsin

Our day of touring Door County, Wisconsin, began with a visit to the Town Hall Bakery on Highway 57 near Jacksonport, Wisconsin, where we enjoyed coffee and scones and other baked delights.
Our next stop was at Koepsel's Farm Market on Highway 57 near Baileys Harbor where we looked at everything -- but actually only bought two different kinds of cheese curds.
Our group posed for the camera in front of the big pumpkin at Koepsel's Farm Market.
Later in the morning we hiked two miles in Newport State Park on a fairly rocky trail where we learned about the history of logging in the Newport area.   We also saw these lovely Lady's Slippers Orchids.
The hike took longer than anticipated as we looked at flowers, birds, trees and carefully made our way on the rocky trail.
When we finally sat down for lunch, a friendly gull kept a close eye on us -- probably hoping for a hand-out.
From the picnic area there is a wonderful view of Lake Michigan.
The beach at Newport State Park is a place to sit, relax, watch the waves and the birds -- even on a day when the high temperature is in the sixties.
We stopped at the Ferry Landing at North Point in time to see the ferry arrive from Washington Island.
Next we headed to The Viking Grill in Ellison Bay for a Fish Boil. When we arrived the water was already boiling over the open fire.  After the small red potatoes are boiled for 12 minutes the small peeled onions are added and boiled together another four minutes over the open fire.  Then the whitefish which have been caught locally are lowered into the boiling water.
 The potatoes, onions, and fish boil together for ten minutes.
At the end of ten minutes the masterboiler throws a quantity of oil directly onto the fire which causes a massive eruption of flames that in an instant carries off the scum that has boiled to the top of the kettle.
Photo courtesy of Viking Grill, Ellison Bay, Wisconsin
The baskets are immediately lifted out of the boiling water by two men who have inserted a long metal pole through the handles.

The result is a delicious meal of  white-fish served with new potatoes, little white onions, coleslaw, bread, lemon wedges and topped off with a piece of Door County cherry pie.
Yum!   What a way to complete a delightful day.