Saturday, June 30, 2012


We are being invaded by a silent army of extra-terrestrial giants!
We had first encountered these enormous aliens many years ago when they gained a toe-hold at the family farm corporation owned by my nephews, niece, and their families.
 Some time ago we saw hundreds of them in southern Ontario, Canada when we visited there.
Last week, traveling in northern Illinois, we discovered that their kind has moved to the south and have silently invaded large portions of our own country. 
Rumor has it that their next goal is to invade -- and subdue -- Texas!

They don't look especially threatening.
 They resemble a helicopter, turned on its side and resting on top of a stilt. 
Neither is their speech aggressive or violent. 
They just emit a rhythmic "Whoosh -- whoosh -- whoosh" which sounds more boring than dangerous.

How should we respond to this invasion of whirling creatures who are evidently from outer space?
Should we, like Don Quixote of literary fame, gather up our weapons of self-defense
and charge the intruders in a futile attempt to destroy them? 
Or could we, like Rip van Winkle, hero of a different story, just ignore them
and sleep through these changes in the society around us?

Perhaps the best strategy is to re-read the stories of the pioneers to the West in our own country.  They quickly learned to build similar devices
and harness the power of the wind to help them with their work. 
Can we befriend these whirling, whooshing invaders
so they will help us with our rising energy costs?